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Our customers are in continual pursuit of the perfect blend of value and quality - constantly seeking ways to remain competitive and stay ahead of the game. All our products offer them exactly that.

Equipment and technology improvements give us a manufacturing edge. Materials cost reduction and utilisation boost competitiveness. Optimising inventory purchasing will always gain results before optimising purchased inventory.

We have a unique quality grading system, supported by our ability to design the actual requirements of every one of the 25 million components we process each year.

Our use of high-speed scanning technology empowers product certainty and allows inclusion of attributes such as end zone grading (for nail plate or end grain nailing application), nominated point load specification and non-defect board density.

Our pioneering approach drives quality up and pushes cost down: the perfect sweet spot for all our customers.

Programmed Timber
Programmed Timber
Programmed Timber
Programmed Timber
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