Wall frame nogging products are part of the Programmed Timber range that allow the users to gain a true benefit by providing better utilisation of their material, capital and labour resources.

Although a simple product, the commitment of regular and reliable supply over more than the past 2 decades has not only allowed customers to have an absolute manufacturing cost advantage but additionally confidence of availability throughout more volatile supply & demand cycles.

Nogging components form part of the Programmed Timber range of products supplied to frame & truss plants as well for modular off-site building manufacturers.


What do we call Nogging?

Essentially nogging is used as a spacer and brace between wall frame studs. Therefore, the critical elements of nogging are their dimension remains within width limits, the length is accurate and the ability to be mechanically nailed into the end securely. Although standard timber dimension cross sections are frequently used for nogging, other ‘non standard’ dimensions will produce a better finished frame or allow easier installation in the customer’s plant.


How will using pre-cut bought in nogging improve my business?

Purchasing pre-cut nogging, like other pre-cut products from Programmed Timber address the 3 primary elements of resource utilisation efficiency.

  1. Material – The source material used in a Programmed Timber nogging comes from an allocation of reliable domestic softwood resources that are not subject to structural framing supply availability or will affect supply of structural framing.
  2. Capital – The Programmed Timber processing operation is of significant scale and volume throughput. The capital commitment has been made by Programmed Timber to produce nogging significantly faster than what can be produced in an individual plant.
  3. Labour – Often nogging is accumulated in a plant as a ‘recovery’ product from ‘waste’. When done so the cost of each nog is embarrassingly high compared to one pre-cut. Successful active management of the high cost structural resource to reduce the paid for ‘waste’ enables plants to supplement with zero labour cost pre-cut nogging.

Programmed Timber Components - Nogging
Programmed Timber Components - Nogging
Programmed Timber Components - Nogging
Programmed Timber Components - Nogging
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