Programmed Timber lintels are sourced from Australian sustainably grown radiata pine. They are extremely cost-effective in shorter spans compared to other engineered products.

Durable: Treated with a preservative to protect against insect attack, ensuring a long service life for your building.

Versatile: Available in a range of standard sizes and custom lengths.

Strong: Engineered to meet the span requirements of AS1684, ensuring maximum load-bearing capacity and safety for your building.

Easy installation: Designed to be quick and simple to install, reducing construction time and cost.

Cost-effective: A better value alternative to other materials such as steel, concrete, LVL or glue-laminated beams.

All our lintels are graded to comply with AS2858, ensuring that they meet or exceed all relevant safety and performance requirements.

Programmed Timber Components - Lintels
Programmed Timber Components - Lintels
Programmed Timber Components - Lintels
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