We supply lower cost items with minimal labour requirement that do not have economic value by importing. Examples of these items are bed base products. We categorise these as Utility Products.

By far the biggest user of manufactured utility products is the bedding industry. PT manufacture bed slats to meet the needs of both bed manufacturers and importers. The slats are precision docked to meet the exact length requirements of each individual customer.

Regular PT customers have their needs continually monitored through our manufacturing database to ensure a prompt delivery service – even if the customer forgets to order.

We bundle in a variety of sizes, usually 5, 6, 10, 11 or 12 pieces, so bed producers can include 1 or 2 bundles per bed when supplying to their clients.

Webbed bed slat involves fixing two material webs/straps/tapes to join the individual boards to space and hold the slats together – this forms a ’roll-out’ base that eliminates the need for spacing each slat on the rail.

Other ‘carcass’ or ‘cover grade’ components are produced for the bed base and lounge frame markets. These components meet specific customer requirements in dimension, grade and length tolerance.

Hole boring in components is another service we can provide, as well as stocking and supplying plywood for use in furniture carcass manufacturing.

Programmed Timber Components - Bed Slats
Programmed Timber Components - Bed Slats
Programmed Timber Components - Bed Slats
Programmed Timber Components - Bed Slats
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