Programmed Timber Supplies: Our Journey to Becoming a Power Station

Published 17.08.17

Harnessing Solar Energy

In a significant step towards sustainability, we’ve transformed our St Marys processing facility into an official ‘Power Station’. We’ve installed 469 photovoltaic panels, each with a capacity of 260 watts, on the facility’s roof. This 122 kW system now provides a substantial portion of the site’s power requirements.

Investment and Commitment

While we received approval for subsidisation in the form of Large Scale Generation Certificates (LGCs), the installation still represented a significant capital investment. This underlines Programmed Timber Supplies’ commitment to processing products sustainably, both now and in the future.

Irony in Subsidisation

Ironically, a processor in the forest industry sector can receive a subsidy for solar power generation due to the reduction in atmospheric carbon. Meanwhile, the far more significant carbon sequestration achievement by value-adding timber products goes unrewarded.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

In addition to harnessing solar power, we’ve replaced all the high-bay lights in the facility with movement sensors and staged dimming LED lights. We’ve installed a Power Factor Correction Unit (PFCU) to reduce demand spikes. As power prices rise, the commercial decision behind these installations becomes more justified. It’s a future-proofing exercise.

Looking Ahead

At Programmed Timber Supplies, we always look ahead and go there. Our commitment to solar power and energy efficiency is just one example of how we’re planning for a sustainable future.

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