Programmed Timber Embraces H2-F Blue Pine

Published 20.07.17

Expanding Our Services

In response to the growing demand for H2-F (Blue) pine, we at Programmed Timber Supplies (PTS) have taken a significant step forward.

We’ve installed our own Blue treatment line, expanding our capabilities and services. Now, not only can we offer our manufactured products in H2-F (Blue), but we can also provide contract treatment for other producers, wholesalers, and importers.

Designed for Versatility

Our operation is designed with versatility in mind. It can handle short blocks and has the added advantage of treating the ends of boards, whether they’re square end or shaped. To ensure compliance with regulations, we’ve installed an ink jet brand printer. This means every product, even every single block or nog, is marked appropriately.

The Benefits of Blue H2-F Pine

Blue H2-F termite-resistant framing is a product of extensive field trials by the Australian pine framing industry. It has received approval from relevant regulators for safety and effectiveness and is included in Australian standards. This treatment provides a cost-effective way to protect the structural frame of a home.

The treatment process involves the application of organic insecticides, similar to those used in common household applications such as fly-spray and head lice treatments. They’re safe to handle and pose no significant threat to humans, plants, or animals.

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