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We're not just in the business of timber— we're in the business of shaping a sustainable future.

Our approach to environmental management is deeply ingrained in our culture and aligned with our vision to optimise local fibre utilisation. We’re proud to be a leader in environmental stewardship, continually striving to reduce waste and maximise resource efficiency.

Renewable Energy

One of the ways we demonstrate our commitment is through our extensive solar panel system, which powers most of our manufacturing plant. Using renewable energy reduces our carbon footprint and contributes meaningfully to a cleaner future.

Waste Minimisation

Optimising timber usage, minimising waste, enhancing resource efficiency – we are acutely aware of waste’s impact on the environment, so we focus on improving local fibre utilisation. We aim to prevent local fibre from being destined for lesser applications, reducing waste. It’s not just about being efficient; it’s about being responsible.

Packaging and Dunnage

We understand that sustainability extends beyond production. That’s why we ensure that our packaging materials are recyclable. Even our dunnage material is not just waste, but a usable product for our customers. We’re committed to a life cycle approach that considers the environmental impact at every stage of our operation.

Collaborative Improvement

We firmly believe that sustainability is a collaborative effort. We’re open to feedback and ideas on improving our environmental management and are always willing to assist our stakeholders in their sustainability endeavours. We don’t just meet environmental standards; we work together to raise the bar for our industry.

At Programmed Timber, sustainability isn’t a buzzword; it’s a promise to our planet, customers, and ourselves to continually improve and contribute to a sustainable future.

Contact us today to learn more about our sustainability initiatives and how we can work together for a better tomorrow.

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